Summer Running Outfit + StrideBox

I know I'm just a little late, thanks to some summer school work, but I had to share an outfit for #fitnessfriday with you guys. Used to all of my running outfits were pretty much focused on looking cute, and functionality was a secondary issue, but lately that's changed. As I've gotten back into actually working out, mostly for health reasons but also a little bit for weight loss I've gotten more serious about how I'm working out, what I'm eating and of course what I'm wearing. So I wanted to share with you guys my updated running look that's completely functional, especially for summer, but still kind of cute. 


Sports Bra / Shorts / Hat / Shoes

Sports Bra - Because I wanted to have running shorts for this look I wanted make sure a few of the other pieces were feminine to balance it out. So of course when I saw this sports bra I had to add it to the look. The back's crisscross pattern is gorgeous, and the black color is practical. 

Shorts - I loved the two tone design of these shorts immediately. The elastic waist is comfortable, and the looser fit is great for a real workout. That and grey is my favorite color. 

Hat - I normally add sunglasses to a look but this time around I thought a hat would be great. It's a little more comfortable than sunglasses, and with a large bill it'll keep your eyes shaded. The bright color is also a bit of safety feature if you're running in a high traffic area. 

Shoes - Of course I had to match the gorgeous blue green of the hat so I picked these shoes. That and the space age and retro combo design is a whole lot of fun. 

As you probably already know I love subscription boxes. So when the people at StrideBox offered to send me one of their monthly boxes, of course I said yes! They're only $15 each and have 5-7 fitness related products. Regular boxes start on the 26 of each month but when you order you'll get your first one shipped that week! You can get yours HERE

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