Review: Clarity MD Acne Essentials 2-Step System

I'll readily admit that I have a problem with acne. I actually have two acne scars (they aren't that bad but I still hate them) on my face. Middle school was absolutely terrible and since then I've done better.  I'm much better about washing my face as well as washing off my makeup. However I still have an issue with blackheads, and pimples especially near my period. So when I saw that ClarityMD was having a contest on instagram and all you had to do was like and comment on the photo to enter (I hate the sharing and tag a friend type of contests) and I actually won! Literally only the second internet enter to win contest that I actually did win. So I figured I cold share a review. 

Alright so this set runs for $50 on the Clarity MD site and included the konjac sponge (I've actually reviewed a konjac sponge infused with activated charcoal before) as well as a deep pore cleanser and a clarifying serum. These both have white bottles with the lid at the base and the product name in both black and green font. The lid on the deep pore cleanser opens up and the clarifying serum twists off. Neither of them smell too chemically. 

Verdict: I was very happy to find out that both these Clarity MD products are cruelty free, meaning they weren't tested on animals and are vegan as well as being micro-bead free. Using these night and day I did notice improvement to my skin. I do think that the Deep Pore cleanser can be a little harsh for everyday but the clarifying serum makes up for that. 

Pros - 
All in one Set 
Works Well

Cons - 
Can dry out skin

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