Life Photos: Bird Nest, African Bird, Remote in Bag

In addition to clearing out the photos of food that I have on my phone, I also wanted to get rid of the other random photos I have on my phone. First up is a random bird's nest, with blue eggs in it. Then a very cute bee bag I saw at the mall. The next photo is one of a caterpillar on a hose in my backyard. Actually a little too near my raised garden beds for my comfort. Next are some cat bags. After that is a screenshot of an executive action. It's basically saying that you can't do unpaid internships if you're a private business, something that I totally agree with. I think companies always go overboard and take advantage of students. Then for whatever reason a dollar. A garden shot where a wasp was trying to grow a nest on the end of a flower. Then a photo of my camera choices that I want. There's a pretty big price difference for not much of a reason that I can tell. Then a pink wig that I used for photos. Followed by a shot in a tunnel. Next is a weird thing my friend does. They keep their remote in a plastic bag... For sure not an american thing. Then Elizabeth the bird. On the last row is a photo of some girls I babysat. And a photo of a lighter. 

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