How to Wear a Slip Dress (Casual Outfit Inspiration)

The weather has been really warm lately. Which is of course a good thing, bad thing. In my constant need to apply sunscreen, partially because I like pale skin but mostly to keep from sun damaging my skin I like to cover up. With the warm weather though that isn't as possible so I've been wearing a lot of shorts and loose dresses. One of my favorite styles, is the slip dress. I've talked about various ways to wear a slip dress but I wanted to put together a little guide on how to wear a slip dress in a casual way perfect for going to class or wearing out during the day. 

Dress - Of course this outfit is all about the slip dress. I'm loving this one's dark green color but more importantly its design. The loose fit (I would even recommend upping the size depending on your body shape) is perfect for a warm summer and the back is fantastic. The strap detail is fun without taking away from the simple feel of the dress. 

Bag - Lately I've been trying to stay away from adding super expensive pieces to my outfit inspiration guides but I couldn't help adding this bag. I absolutely love it. The red color is a perfect contrast to the green and the gold hardware and accent pieces are so fun. 

Shoes - Last but not least are these citrus shoes. As much as a love the bag, they might be my favorite part of the outfit. The overall color is neutral, perfect for pairing with the green and since they're light it's great for summer. The oranges on the front tie in with the bag, and keep the look fun. 

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