How to Wear a Floppy Hat Casually

Summer is here, and while I've been trying to do some blogging, I've been way too busy to do so daily. Between enjoying the weather in a variety of activities, and summer school, I just haven't had as much time as I'd like. However with the all of the horse races (meaning lots of hats), I thought I could do a little look inspired by them. However it is casual enough to wear out, and features a fun trend, mom jeans that aren't  frumpy. 

Top - I love crop tops, which you probably already know considering I add them a lot of look, like my guide to what to wear at an art museum. This one has a high neckline, perfect for smaller girls, and cut out sides. The black color keeps it looking chic. 

Jeans - Now about those mom jeans. They're extreme high waisted pants and have a big 90's feel, especially with the light wash. The cuffed ankles are perfect for wearing with heels or boots. 

Hat - Of course since this is a guide to wearing a floppy hat, the focal point is the hat. The wide brim and thin fabric are great for hot sunny weather. The bright yellow is awesome for summer and contrasts well with the black. 

Bag - I've previously shared this daisy bag in summer outfit inspiration post and loved it so much I wanted to add it to this Floppy Hat outfit inspiration. The black, yellow and white flower colors are great to go with the rest of the outfit and the straw material is so summery. 

Shoes - Last but not least are these shoes. Up until recently I would have just went with black combat boots but these chunky lace up heeled shoes are the new trend. With cuffed jeans they look great. 



  1. Len Dela Peña ParentJune 14, 2016 at 10:02 PM

    Awesome picks! Thanks for sharing babe. Happy Tuesday!
    Much love, Len

  2. Such a cool style for summer! Thanks for sharing beautiful

  3. Shaira Angelique ManaloJune 16, 2016 at 10:22 AM

    Whenever I'm collaborating with brands I always visit the hats they have in store and if I find good ones, I literally spend the gift cards for hats alone! Haha :)

    SHAIRA // New post

  4. Aww totally love this post! Perfect list!
    I talked about hats too on my last diy post :)
    xx Elisa


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