Food Photos: At Home + Arab Dinners 2 in 1

 I haven't done a food photo post in forever so I figured I could combine the photos I had and do what would normally be two into one post The first dinner is mac and cheese with beef and peas. Then a wonderful burger that I had, which I think is from burger king. A payday candy bar, more macaroni stuff this time with tomatoes. My favorite though potatoes and green beans with some peppers and chicken. Last in the set of photos is something I had at my grandparents' home. Strawberries, hotdogs, pickles, and noodles. 
Then the second set of meals. Most of these are Arab meals that I didn't make. I was trying to get my friend to teach me how to make one of them but I forgot each time. The first is a burrito type thing with meat in it. Then a tomato and onion soup that's very different than anything I've had. Then another burrito and pita thing. I added dressing to it. The a macaroni meal. Of course for all of these we were sitting on the floor which reminded me of a picnic. Then food I had while babysitting children. Last a dinner of french fries (homemade) and some sort of sandwich. 

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