Father's Day + Holding a Chicken

I hope everyone has had a great day spent with their fathers! I ended up going to my grandparents house, with my parents for the day. Originally I didn't really want to go because it's a two hour drive one way but I'm so glad that I decided to. All my aunts and uncles from that side of the family were there and so were most of my cousins. While I was there I had old frozen french fries to give the chickens, which of course I used as an excuse to go into their area. 

After making my way into where the chickens are I chased around a few (they would let me touch them but would run away as soon as I did) and ended up getting hit by a lot of wings before finding one that just kind of froze. So I picked her up but she was actually a little too heavy for me so I put her back down and went on another search. That's when I found this smaller hen who also let me pick her up. I had my mom take a few photos, in which I'm wearing my colts NFL sweatshirt. I look a little awkwardly shaped because not wanting to get her shoes dirty she took them over the fence and quite a bit above me. I also took a few selfies with the chicken, but it was too bright for them to turn out that well. 
And in case anyone is curious here's the presents I got my father. On top is a card with a card that says "from your weird kid" and two goats on it... get it (plus it was only a dollar)? and cheap Cheeto imitations because my dad loves that kind of junk food. While I'd originally been looking for something on my Father's Day Gift Guide, the television in my parents bedroom had actually broken so I thought buying him a new one would be the perfect gift. While he is a software engineer he HATES anything technology related (weird I think) and wouldn't have bought a new one even though he watches it all the time (my mother on the other hand couldn't care less). So I bought him one with wifi enabled that way he could use amazon prime and check out some of my top ten movie picks for free

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