DIY Customized Hair Combs

Something you might know by the lack of hair tutorials I do, and the amount of complaining I do about said hair, is that I have a little trouble with hair. However when I found these basic hair combs, I knew I had to do a DIY on them. It's perfect for cosplay, wedding veils, and recreating Victorian hair styles. In addition to having whatever fabric color you want, you can also add buttons, or beads, as well as cool accessories like flowers. 


Comb in your choice of color
scraps of tule or light weight fabric
needle and matching thread
Decorative elements like  flowers, buttons, sequins, beads etc


Cut a scrap of fabric about 18-24 inches long and 2-4 inches wide
starting at a about 3/4 from one edge lay the strip of fabric about 1,4 if the kebgt of the cm with the length down the right side of the comb.  While scrunch up the fabric lift it between the teeth of the comb over the top encasing the the end n the wrap.  Continue back around to the front of the comb and continue wrapping until you have reached the end.  Take the fabric, around to the back and trim and seethe loose end down with a couple of hand stitches.

You can now decorate your comb affixing flowers, buttons or other objects . I prefer to sew these items on but you can also use hot glue if that's easier for you. 

These are fun and simple to make, you can style them to go with all your favorite outfits


  1. Amazing! Great idea, thanks for sharing this xx

    Selftimers Blog | Bloglovin'


  2. cool DIY


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