Cuffed Jeans + Sleeveless Top Summer Outfit Inspiration

As you might have noticed (or more likely not noticed) I skipped two days of blog posts. I've been incredibly busy with school, funny because I though the class wouldn't be any big deal, and I've spent way too much time on twitter. But, I'm finally back with a fun summer outfit. I've been loving the off the shoulder trend so I thought I could do a similar summer look for this outfit. 

Top - Maybe it's because I'm not in the best shape I can be, and these tops are super comfortable, but I love loose t-shirt material shirts for summer. This greenish color is a great neutral and the cut is great for a casual look. 

Jeans - Which the shirt I wanted a relaxed pair of jeans so I went with these. They have a flattering high waist, and the cuffed legs are a great contrast to the less put together destroy wash. 

Sunglasses - Okay these sunglasses are a bit pricey but I love them! The rose tinted lenses will cheer up any day and the style is superb. I love the cat eye look, and not just because I love cats, and the translucent frame color is so fun. 

Bag - I know the trend right now are pieces like bucket bags, which I shared in my Sequined Tank Casual Outfit Inspiration but I loved this more structured bag. The color and and small size are great to go with this outfit. 

Shoes - Last but not least are these gladiator sandals. They match the bag as far as texture and color go and are great to pair with cuffed dreams. 

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