Book Review: Home Sewn

Home Sewn 
Projects and Inspiration for Every Room
By Cassandra Ellis

Transform your home with fabric as your foundation. This beautiful craft book features distinctive sewing projects dedicated to living, resting, eating and sharing, using quality materials - from rustic linen to leather. With dreamy lifestyle photography and ideas for every room, Home Sewn is a keepsake for the modern maker. 

I've done a lot of different sewing projects, some of which I've shared on the blog like sewing a quilted wallet and plaid Christmas Tree Stockings, and while I haven't had as much time lately I do love doing a project here and there. So when I had the chance to review Home Sewn I took it, hoping for great inspiration for projects that aren't tacky, and things I can actually use. Cassandra's style reminds me a bit of a recipe book. There are all the materials off to the side, and a welcoming introduction to each project. If looking at the beautiful curated photo doesn't make you want to create what's on the page, her enthusiasm will. None of the projects are particularly hard to do and would be great for beginners. Her instructions are through too. I only wish that she'd done more sterile and easier to focus on instruction photos, instead of having them stylized like the main photo. It can be a bit distracting. This is an especially great book if you love quilts and curtains but don't have any idea where to start, because the patterns, while simple are absolutely beautiful. This however isn't a book for more serious sewers. If you like The Hot Bread Kitchen or Happy Handmade Home you'll love Home Sewn. 

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