Book Review: Hearing God in Conversation

Hearing God in Conversation 
How to Recognize HIS Voice Everywhere
Samuel C. Williamson

If Christianity is a relationship with God, how many of us would say we have a strong, meaningful connection with him? After all, it's widely accepted that the foundation of any good relationship is communication - and conversation with God often seems to be one-sided at best. We may long to hear his voice, but does God still talk with us today? Should we even expect him to? 

Sam Williamson gives us good news: God is always speaking - we've just never been taught how to recognize his voice amid the clamor. Williamson shares the secrets of finding God's voice everywhere: in Scripture, of course but also in the checkout line, on the job, in a movie theater, and even in silence. He delves into what it really means to pray without ceasing, how we can brainstorm with God, and how to discern God's voice from the rest, and how to hear God's voice for others - without letting our own feelings get in the way. With Williamson's characteristic candor and leaving humor, Hearing God in Conversation bridges the gap between solid biblical theology and practical application. By the end your eyes and ears will be open to the limitless way in which God speaks, and your relationship with him will have a firmer foundation. 

Sam Williamson is the founding director of Beliefs of the Heart and the author of Is Sunday School Destroying Our Kids? He and his wife, Carla, live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

A lot of times I have trouble reading what I like to call "Christian Guide Books". People's faith often is cheapened down to rules that the author thinks are the most important. This of course is all done without regard to how the readers life, and often without any scriptural evidence. However that isn't the case with Hearing God in Conversation. The book is easy to read and has real ideas and advice for praying and hearing God. If you like An Insider's Guide to Praying for the World you'll love Hearing God in Conversation. 

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