App Review: Kash Karnival

As you probably already know I love playing games on my phone. Before classes (and if I'm honest sometimes during a boring lecture), while waiting in line, and plenty of times I should be doing something else. While I normally like cumulative games like Clash of Clans, I also have a lot of fun playing mini games, and luck or chance types. So of course I was excited to see what Kash Karnival was all about once I'd heard of it. After two weeks of faithfully playing it I'm ready to talk about it with you guys!

First of all lets go into a little detail about Kash Karnival. It's available on mobile phones and tablets both on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. It's a fully online free casino for fun! Everything from blackjack to slots and even fun skill based games. You can find out more on their site HERE
So there are three different sections, Lottery Alley, Skill District, and Adventure Casino. My personal favorite area is the Skill District because the games are just fun. They're fairly simple but you can make bets on your games! There's one that's actually a lot like flappy bird, but my favorite is Kookie Kapers. You basically have to catch falling objets to match your order. It's a lot of fun but actually pretty hard to play! I could spend a lot of time doing it. 

And for those of you that prefer more traditional casino games they've got that too. Of course with a fun twist. All the graphics are adorable and make playing that much better. I'm not the best at these type of games but they're still fun to play since it isn't like you're losing real money. 

Final Thoughts: Kash Karnival is an app I've been using and loving lately. Both the traditional casino games and especially the "Skill District" are a lot of fun to play, and a great way to waste a little extra time. The games are a little on the challenging side (even on easy mode!), and the whole setup is easy for someone of any age to play. You should for sure check it out on the App or Google Play Store, and visit their site for more info HERE

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