Animals at the Marion County Fair

I've been super busy lately. Last year I visited the Marion County Fair but even though I haven't had as much time this summer I decided I had to go. Between eating fair foods and playing games I happened to see a lot of animals so I though I could share photos of them. 

 The first animals I saw where these very cute chihuahua dogs. They were hanging out as a part of an adoption rescue specifically for their breed. While there I also saw a performance by a chihuahua mix that was so cute, and way more talented than my dog checkers. From there I went on to the animal barn. 
 All of the animals there were so cute. The baby miniature donkey looks like a stuffed animal, and are by far the animals I wanted to take home the most. Of course I always like alpacas and the goats weren't too bad either. And that cow. Every time I see one as pretty and sweet as this one I think about going back to being vegan. Oh and that turtle in the last photo is totally a fake concrete one so the goats can have somewhere to climb. 
Then to the more "exotic" animals. There was a tarantula, which I'd never have, but I did have a friend as a child who did. She'd let it crawl on her face. Then this blue tongue who is even worse than the tarantulas because he looks almost slimy and like he'd get away if you tried to hold him. The an iguana who looks like he's chilling and a bearded dragon like Leonidas.  

I also saw a few different types of birds but forgot to take photos, as well as a pair of camels and a fennec fox (that I want to have as a pet). 

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