Review: Michael Todd Soniclear Petite System

 I feel like I've been seeing the Clarisonic Skin Cleaning Systems everywhere. From make and beauty blogs to popular Youtube channels as well as commercials on television in magazines and on the internet, so of course I was interested in it. However I wasn't so interested in the price, and I'd seen a few scathing reviews that put me off. So when I was offered the chance to try out a different brush cleansing system (that's more affordable) I jumped on it. And after using it for a week I wanted to share my experience with the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite System. 

Alright so when I got the system, which came in a sharp looking box with the product on the front and one side and the logo for Michael Todd on another side and the top it said there were six things inside. That would be the Cleansing tool and brush above as well as the cradle and Damascus Rose Milk Cleanser. I'm actually really happy about the cradle because it means I don't have to set my brush directly on the counter.  The other products as you can see below are a traveling case, brush cover, and charging usb. I like the case and cover, but the usb is so inconvenient. For one I have to find a plug attachment (normally from my phone) if I want to charge it anywhere but my computer, and two the charging port is magnetic, which sounds awesome but it isn't. It's so easy to knock out of place and attaches at the most awkward point. 
But about the actual brush. I like that it has three different modes and it's very easy to switch between them. This reminds me a little of my sonic toothbrush. Two of the settings are great, but one feels like it's going to loosen the skin from my face. The other two feel soothing, even if they are a bit loud. As for the damascus rose cleanser, it's great. It cleans the face without stripping it, and would even work well for sensitive skin. 

Overall I would recommend the Michael Todd Soniclear Petite System if you have sensitive skin. Both the brush and the included milk cleanser are very low irritation and still provide a good clean. I personally prefer more rubbery bristles, but the Sonicclear Petite is something I will take with me traveling, and on days when I just need a light clean. 


  1. I've been using the Clarisonic Mia for years, and have been through several systems too. I live to swear by my Clarisonic, which is very close in price as the Michael Todd Soniclear at $99. Loving your blog, and I will have to venture out tomorrow and see the Michael Todd cleansing system in person! I love the design too.

    Jordan @

  2. i love that system--lots of great products from that brand

  3. I love that this is great for sensitive skin! Thanks for reviewing, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. I have never tried anything like this before, although I have always been interested in giving it a go. I like that this one is good for sensitive skin but I think the USB would drive me mad too x

  5. would love to try it out too

  6. Sounds like a great option other than the Clarisonic! Would love to try this out next time, thanks for the review! xx


  7. Ooooh I have always wanted to try these brushes!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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