Review - Hask Bamboo Oil Hair Products

I haven't heat treated my hair for almost a month now, and have been doing pretty good on my every third day washing routine, both of which mean I've been rocking the messy bun quite a bit. Of course it also means my hair has been feeling a whole lot better than it used to. As much as I love big curls and straight hair, except for special occasions it isn't worth the damage. However with my hair texture I can still use a bit of improvement so when given the chance to review the Hask Bamboo Oil product line of course I said yes. 

In this kit of Bamboo Oil strengthening products came a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and hair mask. The bottles on the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil  are the plastic brown that's common throughout all the Hask products. The bamboo strengthening ones has a blue and cream color scheme that is also present on the deep conditioner. All of the lids are cream colored. I've previously reviewed their coconut oil hair products, and macadamia oil Hask hair line both of which I liked so I did have high hopes before even trying out their Bamboo Oil ones.

Verdict: Starting with the Bamboo Oil Deep Conditioner. I actually found it made my hair feel very hydrated after using, but application is awful. I have a hard time keeping it in my hair for the time required and rinsing it out is a little hard. It's totally worth using though, even with the hassle if you need a hair pick me up. The Shampoo and Conditioner are both great for cleaning my hair (even if I go past my third day wash) without leaving it feeling stripped. My favorite product is the hair oil. Its great to use on already dry hair and is a necessity for natural hair days. 

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