Is Course Hero Worth Using?

As a student I'll do just about anything to be able to do well on tests, homework projects, and of course the dreaded pop quizzes. Over my college "career", as well as in high school, I've used quite a few different sites to help me out, some of which have been more useful than others. One site that I just used last semester was Course Hero. In one of my engineering classes I had a project that had to do with balancing a specific 6 cylinder engine and as a group we couldn't figure out how to do it, at all. Looking through the book we saw a few similar engines that would be very helpful, but the book (it was a horrible textbook) didn't have any solutions. So using google we looked everywhere to see if we could find the solution manual, or even just solutions to similar problems and had zero luck, until we saw CourseHero. 


CourseHero markets itself as a place that "provides students with course-specific study documents, homework help, and flashcards to help them learn more effectively". While you can search documents and see what they have available, to actually unlock a document (and see more than the first page) you're pretty much going to have to pay. They do have an option to upload documents in exchange for unlocks but for 10 uploads you only get two unlocks, and these uploads aren't as easy as you think. 

Originally I had uploaded about 10 sets of homework I'd completed for a materials class with both the questions and answers (each one was between four and five pages) and each one was rejected. Now by rejected I meant they didn't count towards the "10 uploads for two free unlocks deal" but they still took those documents and uploaded them to their site to get other people to pay for them. I tried uploading notes, quizzes and powerpoint as well, and the only document they ended up giving me credit were my lab reports. Very misleading if you ask me. 

Because we knew we wouldn't be able to get enough documents uploaded it was decided to go ahead and buy a month, which was $39.95 for one month. Now it is cheaper if you do quarterly or annually, but you have to pay for a full year and obviously you won't be needing it in the summer or over winter break so you kind of counter act that by paying when you're not using. Even when you have a membership you don't get unlimited unlocks, and are capped at 30 per month, however this would probably be plenty. You also get "tutor credits" but I found that whole area of the site to be super confusing and didn't use any of it in my month. 

While the solution manual ended up being very helpful for my engine balancing project, I then tried to use Course Hero again for a final lab report for another engineering class. Looking through their documents (selecting both physics and a few different engineering majors) I got a lot of unrelated results but finally found three that looked like to be similar, just based off what I could see from the first page. Which for how much lab reports are formatted doesn't actually give you very much information. Two of those three ended up being off the wall biology papers (maybe for a freshman orientation class?) and the third one was exactly what I was looking for, until I actually looked at it. The report was dead wrong on half of it's conclusions and all of it's calculations. I'd say the best grade it could have gotten was a D+ .

Overall: I don't think Course Hero is worth the money unless you know there is something on their site you need and don't have another way to get it. They don't have that many solution manuals or study resources, and with only 30 unlocks a month you can't just get everything and hope one of the items is actually what you need. I'm a much bigger fan of Chegg (although it has it's problems too), and am so glad I didn't get the full year of Course Here. 

Oh and those about 15 unlocks I didn't use while I had my month subscription (you have to make sure to cancel because they will auto renew and charge you if you don't) they took all of them and the homework help credits back at the end of them month. Something I think is pretty deceptive since I paid for 30 unlocks. 

Pros - Might have the information you need

Cons - Expensive, Incorrect information, limited access per month, and way more... 

So here's my very long Course Hero review. Do you use any study sites? 


  1. wow, I would be so annoyed by them using the information and not giving me privileges. thanks for sharing this review.

    xx Falasha
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    1. Yes! It's like "okay if you don't think my stuff is good enough for credit then you shouldn't be using it!"

  2. Ahh so glad I am not a student anymore (although it does have it's own perks too... like more time and freedom!). I wonder if course hero has any sections for fashion students!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. You had less time as a student? Man I'd like to have whatever your major was.

  3. I'm so happy I'm done with school and don't have to worry about these things anymore. It seems like your teacher didn't do a good job if you had to go looking for the answers elsewhere!

    xx Yasmin

  4. It's the first time I heard of a subscription service for study guide. Unfortunately it doesn't really work well for you! Thanks for sharing your review.


  5. Oh no! They are using your content but not giving you enough benefits. That is so annoying! Thanks for this information. I am no longer in school but I plan to go back soon. I will not use this website.

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  6. I love honest reviews like this. I always came across a lot of study sites like this but I was always wary of spending money!

    1. Yes! I understand that it takes money to run a site like that, but the fees are normally a lot.

  7. I'm no longer a student and graduted about 6 years ago now but I know some people that would be interested to here about sites like this so I will pass your link on to them :) x

  8. Thank you for sharing!

    x Karen

  9. I haven't heard of this app! I'm finished with school (unless I go back for my master's...) and so I'm not really on the up and up on apps that are out there for studying. I suppose as my daughter grows up and goes into MS and HS I will be more "with it" again! :o)

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  10. I always use and it's also very expensive, and I have to open the web from my college IP address to get the information for free :(
    But then, my friend gave me a tips to get all those information for free even though I didn't log in from my campus. There's this site that let you get the paid documents for free, you just need to copy-paste the url. it's

    Anyway, I'm following you now on GFC. Would you mind to follow me back? ;)
    Take care,
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    PS: don't forget to check this out >> Na-Ra Hayley

  11. Such an informative post, girlie! Though I'm no longer in school, I'm sure this helped readers of yours who are students have an idea if this is worth a try for them! I hope you're having a great week so far!



  12. When I was in college the internet was just starting to get popular, it was still very small and no one had access at home. So for homework we had to go to the library!
    The site you're describing really doesn't sound very good. They shouldn't make you pay for documents that are inaccurate or contain wrong information...


    1. Yeah! The big issue is you can't even see them until you pay for them so there is no way to tell.

  13. Very interesting blog post girlie!!

    XO, Jessi

  14. This is an informative post. Thanks for sharing.
    Xo, Christianne

  15. I am not sure if these sites were already available when I was in university, I never heard of them before.

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