Food Photos - Healthy Dinners, Vegan Mayo, Coin Chocolate

While I'm no longer a vegan I have been working a lot on eating healthy, well except for the bowl of popcorn I had tonight. One of my dinners was chicken, Italian bread, broccoli and sweet potato. I was actually surprised at how much I liked the sweet potato. Then an instagram ad I did for Hampton Creek's just mayo. I was actually impressed with the vegan mayo they gave me. The meal consisted of their awesome sauce (that's literally what it's called) along with watermelon, and corn. Then a meal of soup with noodles, peas, corn and carrots. After that a salad that was really good, although simple. Then Tostitos with lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole. Along with it I had black beans with cheese. Last is a coin that's actually chocolate, and you can clearly see my week old nail polish that's from that One Direction Tour Kit

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