Face Photos: One with Makeup, One with Mom, One in Mirror

The first photo is... well I don't really know what it is but I look really serious. I am wearing a shirt I've had forever and even shared about it in blog post with some bad photoshop. Then a selfie where my hair looked fantastic, followed by one with makeup on. I was trying to look like Elizabeth Olsen, but it didn't quite work out. Then a weird expression on a selfie taken at the mall (the last photo of my #ootd was also there). Some other random photo, and a selfie wearing a new Peta2 shirt I have. Then another good hair photo, and one I thing I look good in, followed by one at a terrible angle. The last one in the row is my "surprised face". The row has a photo of me trying to show off my nose and cheek bones. For whatever reason from the front my nose looks huge in photos but from the side it looks so much smaller, it looks like I have cheekbones too! Then a selfie with my mother. We both look terrible in it, she looks more like me than I do, but since I don't have that many photos with her I have to keep it. 

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