#Caturday Cat Silhouette String Art DIY

It's Saturday! Which of course means I'm sharing a cat related post with you guys in celebration of #caturday. Since I haven't done DIY in quite awhile I figured I could combine both things and share a String Art Cat Silhouette I made. 
When I took that art appreciation class (remember my midterm, and final projects?) I saw two different string art projects. While those were both done with nails I wanted to do a softer version, so instead I used Styrofoam sheets, two glued together and brads instead of traditional nails. 

The first step is cutting out the pattern one that you want. I went with a string art design I found online but you can also create your own. Then I picked out string, which is a brownish grey even though it looks olive green in the photo, and gold colored brads. I pushed the brads into the Styrofoam getting both layers but not out the bottom, outlining the shape of the cat.  After that the stringing comes next. I first had to double knot a string around one of the brads, and then could get started. You can either do an outline like I did and then start filling in, or just go across if you want a messy look. Throughout I tied my string on the brads because you can so easily lose all your work if you let go. A few frustrating restarts made the project take quite awhile before I figured that out. To finish off just tie on a brad like you did to start and cut off the string tail. 
After my cat silhouette I then did two birds on a branch which was a little bit harder. Then placed them on the mantle above the fireplace. 


  1. Que fofo! Fazia muito essa arte com os alunos, mas usava linha de crochĂȘ!


  2. Cool blog! I love cats!
    Love Ola

  3. It seems hard for me still would try to make this :) Great DIY work Hanna.

  4. I have never seen string art other than that shaped like states and countries. These are so cheerful and fun and super cute!


  5. Looks great!! I love the string art trend, I've made a few in the states of friends / families home states, but I love the cat!!

    -- Dara // www.peoniesandhoneybees.com

  6. Ah I love this idea! I love how it looks at the end too, didn't think it was those little nails! x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com


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