Casual Summer Metallic Outfit + Makeup Inspiration

Metallic has been trending for awhile now but after the futuristic themed Met Gala, I don't think it's going to be leaving anytime soon. Since it is finally feeling like summer (especially since I'm almost done with school), I decided to make it an outfit specifically for summer. And casual since there wouldn't be too many formal places to wear it especially now that prom is over. 

Sweatshirt - Although I couldn't find this exact jumper anywhere online for sale I had to add it to this look. Although sequins aren't technically metallic they're a great substitute and add a bit of glam to the plain metal inspired look. 

Shorts - Although these shorts aren't as high waisted as I've done in previous outfits like my guide on wearing a mesh top, probably even under the length for being "mom jeans" they're still plenty high enough to be flattering. Plus the light color keeps the look cool and casual. 

Purse - As you might know I'm not a big fan of carrying around a bag, because it can be a hassle.  This cross body though is so cute, and small enough that it wouldn't be any trouble at all. The metal hardware adds to the futuristic feel. 

Shoes - These adidas are perfect for completing this outfit. They're mostly white, making them completely wearable but have the fun metallic stripes which make them on trend. They keep the look casual but put together. 


Not only did I get a lot of fashion ideas from the Met Gala but I also saw a few futuristic makeup trends that I'm loving. So in addition to doing a metallic themed outfit guide I figured I could also share some metallic inspired outfit that's totally perfect for casual wear. 

Nail Polish - Metallic nail lacquer has been all the rage lately, so of course I had to add it to this beauty board. To keep with the grey scale outfit I went with this one in a light silver. 

Eyeliner - I've seen a few very cool metallic themed eye makeup looks but for everyday wear they can all be a little much. So instead just a little eyeliner would be enough. 

Liquid Lipstick - One major trend I saw was dark lips, something that's usually reserved for winter. So of course I went with a liquid lipstick that are all the rage now with beauty bloggers and instagram models

Blush  - To keep the lips from being too overpowering I went with a dark blush that you'll have to use a light hand with. 


  1. I love the shoes, I would even wear them with a cotton dress for a casual look!


  2. Such a pretty picks, love the sparkly top. Its super cute :) x

  3. Love the sweater and I have that abh lipstick!

  4. I think metallics and reds always look good together! Love the outfit inspo, it's so casual and chic <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  5. I love the sequin detail on the sweater, very nice.

  6. Lovely items! I would love to shop now hihi!

  7. Such a fun outfit - loving that nail polish! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. I've been seeing similar polishes everywhere!

  8. Amazing! Loving every single item!

  9. Awesome selection! That sweater is gorgeous!


  10. I love this look! I have a similar sweater, I think I got it at Forever 21, although it was a while ago.

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  11. I love the shoes, and they would pair so well with the nail polish!

  12. That nail polish is making me drool!

  13. Metallic is a great look and I adore the Clinique eye liner... very pretty xox

  14. Fantastic! :) Love the top, bag and shorts. <3

  15. Love this entire outfit! It looks like it'd be really cute to wear!



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