Casual (but Cute!) Kimono Outfit Inspiration

While summer might be here for a lot of us that isn't the case, everywhere and if you're like me the weather while it's supposed to be summer like has gotten pretty cool recently. Which is a little funny because I had just been talking about the warm weather in my Stay Famous Summer Outfit. Anyways, I wanted to create an outfit that's perfect for school (or a casual workplace) that features the kimono trend. While I've seen a lot of bad outfits featuring kimonos, giving them a little bit of a bad name, I wanted to give some outfit inspiration on a kimono look that's casual but still cute. 

Top - For this look I wanted to go with a very simple shirt. I would have went with a tank but because some schools and offices have strict dress codes on garments where shoulders are exposed. And as for grey, I thought gold would be to matched, and any other color would be over powering. 

Jeans - As you probably know by my post on How to Wear High Waisted Jeans, I'll always suggest pants (and skirts) with a higher waist. It's flattering, and comfortable. I'm also loving the wash on this pair of jeans. 

Kimono - The piece that this whole outfit is about, the kimono. The pink and gold fabric reminds me of beautiful Indian pieces and the fringe is completely on point with current trends. Plus the bat wings are as comfortable as they are stylish. 

Shoes - To finish off this look I wanted to have a sophisticated and simple shoe. These ballerina flats are classy and elegant and while they match with the gold theme they aren't overpowering. 


In addition to doing a casual kimono outfit guide I thought it would be fun to share some of my makeup suggestions for this look. While the beauty products are on trend for a summer look I think they can be transferred over to a winter look for those of you in the southern hemisphere pretty easily. 

Lip stain - You might have seen my Studio Gear Lip Stain review, and since trying those I've been loving all kinds of lip stains. This one is a warm pink that'll go well with most skin tones. 

Nail Polish - White nail polish can be a huge hassle to apply because any consistency mistake is incredibly visible. However if you have a good nail lacquer like this essie nail polish white is the way to go for summer. 

Earrings - I know earrings aren't makeup but this pair was so cute I had to add them to the look. They're inexpensive, and light weight in addition to being able to lighten up this kimono look while still keeping it sophisticated for casual wear. 


  1. Great selection

  2. Very nice choices! Love the kimono!

  3. Really nice!!!
    M |

  4. This is such a cute outfit, girlie! I adore that kimono, the colors are so lovely and make for a chic finish to casual look. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great day!




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