Review: Winter Candy Apple Body Cream

When it starts getting warm I'm always excited for summer, until it actually comes. Then I'm right back to wanting it to be winter again. I love Christmas, and New Years much better than any other season's holidays. That and the snow, I absolutely love snow days even if they aren't any fun to drive in. So I was pretty happy when along with a Eucalyptus Mint Foaming Hand Soap my aunt gave me this Winter Candy Apple Bath & Body Works Body Cream. 
Alright so in the past I reviewed the Paris Amour Body Cream that's also from Bath & Body Works. They both have the same packaging design, which is a very good thing. The lid is at the bottom making it easier to get the last of the lotion and there Body Cream name, in this case Winter Candy Apple is very easy to see. It also has a cute design, this one being a cityscape in winter. The scent isn't quite as wintery as I expected, this being from the Holiday line so you can actually wear it any time of the year, and it'll just remind you of Christmas time. 

Verdict: After using my Silk'n Flash&Go Express my skin has had a little bit of dryness issues. Actually more than a little bit, it was quite irritating, so I was very interested in trying out the Winter Candy Apple Body Cream. It's a pure white, has a bit of apple scent and goes into my skin well even though as a body cream it is pretty thick. For sure something I'm going to be using, too bad it's only available seasonally. 

Pros - 
Absorbs Easily

Cons - 
Only Seasonal

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