Review: Loreal Extraordinary Oil Hair Products

So a few weeks ago Influenster, who you might know from my Sweetheart Voxbox, or my Challenge Win is a company I've worked with a few times. How it works is they send you an email that you're getting a package, called a voxbox, in the mail from them, which is sort of a surprise because they don't tell you what's going to be inside. So when I opened up mine, and saw all these Loreal Extraordinary hair products I was very excited to try them out. 

Nourishing Shampoo - Looking at this shampoo, it reminded me a lot of the Dessange Paris products that I reviewed. I was worried about brown color leaving pigmentation on my hair, but as it turns out, the shampoo is actually clear, and it's just the bottle that's brown! I love that it can be stood up on it's bottom to get all the product out. As far as usage goes it's a gentle, but still cleansing shampoo and smells good. 

Nourishing Conditioner - When I saw this conditioner has organ, chamomile, coconut, soda, and sunflower I knew it was for me. All of those things are perfect for my over dyed and over heat treated hair. After one use I really did feel like I had softer, and healthier hair, and after continued use it still feels that way and it doesn't weigh down my hair. 

Lustrous Oil Serum - This Loreal serum says that it can be used after shampooing and conditioning, before styling, or as a finishing touch after styling which is how I use it. It has the same pleasant smell and goes into hair easily. 

Transforming Oil-in-Cream - By far the product I was most excited to try was this cream. It's perfect for my natural hair days, which is when I really need a boost without too much weight in product. It keeps my hair from looking frizzy which is exactly what I want in a product. 

Overall I like all of the products in my L'Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil  Voxbox. They're great for my hair (slightly damaged, long, big curls), don't leave residue behind, and smell fantastic. I'm going to be keeping them in my routine. And here's a before and after picture for you guys to see. Since the before looks so bad I decided to make it significantly smaller. 

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  1. Oh your hair is so gorgeous, I love this brand! your hair looks so shiny! and healthy!
    xx, Elle


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