Review: Karity Matte 21 Shadow Palette

 As you might have seen on Instagram I just got a new eyeshadow palette and am LOVING it. As far as makeup goes I generally have rules about what I can save money on and what I should splurge for.  Drugstore mascara is just as good as high end brands (my favorite is Covergirl's full lash bloom). Foundation between $10-30 is fine, and cheap eyeliner is as good as the expensive stuff. One thing that never wanted to skimp on was eyeshadow. That is until I was given the chance to try out Karity's Matte eyeshadow palette. 

Okay so when it arrived I thought it looked a lot like a MAC palette. The brand logo is on the front but the rest of the case is a pure black and as an awesome magnetic closure, which is way better than any snap kind. Looking at the actual eye shadows I was even more impressed. The colors had a great variety and each one looked gorgeous. 

Not only do they look pretty in the palette though, they look gorgeous on too. This photo is in direct sunlight and each color shows up perfectly, and looks exactly like the packaging. The pigmentation is phenomenal. I've also tested out a few of the colors for wear time, and even on a humid day they last 8+ hours without a primer. This Karity palette was made to compete with MAC and does a great job, especially for the price. 

You can check out their site and get your own HERE


  1. I've heard great things about Karity and this product is so me in a palette.
    Just came across your site, by the way <3

  2. Loving all the colors!

    XO, Jessi

  3. I’m in love! This is so beautiful. Hope you have an amazing new week!

    Style For Mankind

  4. Great post! I recently bought a palette from NYX and I'm excited to try all the colors! But it's not that colorful. Loved the colors!
    xo, Deborah


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