Review - Eucalyptus Mint Foaming Hand Soap

In the past I used to absolutely love Bath & Body Works. They have a great selection of soaps, lotions and other related items and they're actually really convenient to go to, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I shared a Bath & Body Works Summer Haul as well as an after Christmas Haul. Since I don't visit the mall much anymore I've just about run out of their products, but I was very excited to get this Eucalyptus Mint Foaming from my aunt as a gift. 
Alright so I just talked about how I love a lot of Bath & Body Works products, but my favorite has to be their foaming hand soaps. My first, that was actually mine, was the Italian Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, and let me tell you they're way better than any other liquid soap. The bottle is 8.75 fl oz and lasts a long time since it's foaming. The clear plastic bottle has a green plant and and background. The pump is white and large enough to easily use. 

Verdict: I love the mint smell of this Bath & Body Works soap. It's gender neutral and perfect for a guest bathroom. The foaming is great and one pump should be enough for your average hand washer. The packaging is a little cheap but for a throw away it is just fine. 

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