Review: Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush

I'm all about looking my best and finding the best products to help me do it. I don't leave the house without sunscreen and make sure to clean my face every night with a gentle cleanser. I use all kinds of serums on both my skin and hair and am always looking for the best shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair healthy. Something I've neglected more than I'd like to admit is my teeth. Other than whitening them every so often (still loving my smile brilliant) I didn't think of anything else. That is until the people over at Brio told me about their SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush. 
Alright so mine came in a pretty fancy box (making it perfect to give as a gift) with two different brush heads, in addition to the charger and actual tooth brush. There are three different settings, that you can rotate by pressing the power button and charging it is super easy. But you won't have to worry about that for awhile because the battery life is fantastic. 

Verdict: Getting used to using this sonic tooth brush after using a manual took a few brushings but from there it was all up hill. Previously I'd had electric toothbrushes but didn't really like any of them., this Brio one however is different. It has a two minute timer and even splits it up into four zones (it'll do a short pause) to make sure you're brushing everywhere. The brush heads clean without being too tough too. And since the battery lasts 6 weeks without being recharged there's no excuse of "I forgot to charge it last night". 

This toothbrush is something I'm for sure going to be keeping around. You can get your own Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush from Amazon HERE 


  1. Too cool! I want to try a toothbrush like this!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. I agree, having an electronic toothbrush is key!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled


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