Outfit: Black Maxi Dress + Black Bob

I don't know if anyone else likes my outfit photos but I had to share this one with you guys. It wasn't for any special event or anything like that just going out during the day this weekend. However since the look turned out to be something I loved I couldn't keep from taking a few photos. My makeup, black eyeliner and a dark lipstick were a little heavier than I normally do but with the wig I thought it was perfect. 

Dress - As I mentioned I LOVE this dress. The halter top is great for someone that's a little on the flat chested side like I am and the whole dress is simply flattering. The tie in the back (it could be the front if you want to wear the dress low cut) is cute and the included one around the middle really makes the dress. This piece from WantDo was even better than I expected. 

Shoes - I wanted to wear heels with this look, but I was quickly informed that with a long maxi dress that isn't the best idea. So instead I went with a metallic colored pair of flats, which is much safer. 

Wig - A lot of people don't like to wear wigs, I'll admit they can be a hassle, but I love them. I wore this wig in my 1990's James Bond Villain Look  and for this outfit wanted a bit of a glamorous. The short bob and full bangs do just that I think! 





  1. This is such a pretty feminine dress :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  2. one of best outfit ever i seen.

  3. This look is actually cute. I love the black dress. It looks so elegant on you :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  4. I love this look! The wig really suits you! x

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

  5. This dress looks great on you, I love the style. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) xx

  6. This outfit is amazing and that maxi dress is just stunning!!! I would love to have one for myself too!
    Have a great day,


  7. This outfit is so nice! I love the black bob, you look so chic!

    Margarita Chi | MARGARITACHI.CO

  8. You wear black skirt is beautiful


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