Life Photos: Engineering End of Junior Year

School for the semester is finally over and as I mentioned in my 2D-Cartoon Bag Outfit post it was rough. I haven't kept up at all with modeling, and my blog has barely been scrapping by. And to think I used to look different at bloggers who put out real content (not like mine) and wonder why they didn't have a job... Anyways since the semester is over I figured I could clear out all my old photos from school stuff and share them with you guys. Most of them are labs, because we had to take pictures of the systems and I had three lab classes this semester. As you can see there ate two different people in them, which was kind of on accident but I figured they could stay in the photos anyways. The rest of the photos are random homework stuff and something really cool. A an inferred thermal gun. I wanted one really bad until I looked it up and it costs $2000. From there I decided I wanted to convince the department head to allow me to use it for a "research project" which I'm still trying to figure out what it should be. 

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