Food Photos: Gyro Plate, Veggie Burger Mother Bear's

I know I say it in every single one of my photo roundup posts lately, but I'm so happy for school to be over. I had a few food photos sitting on my phone (which is down from about 300 photos to 8) and decided I could share them here. The first one, and by that I mean the largest one, is of a Greek Gyro platter I had. It was fantastic, but left me completely stuffed, I even took a box home and ate the rest for my lunch the next day. 

Below that is some pizza one of my professors brought the class from mother bears since he had some meeting. I think it was a bribe for good teacher evaluations. Then a veggie burger from burger king ( I've talked about Burger King Veggie Burgers before) and a bagel thing I think I stole from the faculty lounge. Then some taco bell mix stuff I found at aldi for $2 and last cake my grandmother made. 

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