Caturday: Paula on the Front Step

I've been super busy this weekend (I'm probably going to be really busy until school is out) but I wanted to share a few recent pictures for #caturday. You might remember the stray cat Paula who I first met in the garage and then later shared pictures of her in the snow.  When I was going to visit my grandmother I saw her in the front yard and easily convinced her to come out and see me after the car scared her into the bushes. For a little while I sat on the porch and played with her, but since it has been a little chilly I decided to go inside. The whole time I was there she just sat looking in trying to get someone to let her in the house. My attempts at getting my grandmother to keep her so far haven't worked but I don't know how you could deny her. 


  1. Such a cutie! Happy weekend Hanna Lei!

  2. Amazing shots!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  3. so cute! love this post


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