Review: Void Beauty Sea Foam Nail Polish

As I'm sure you already know I love nail polish. So when the people at Void beauty offered to send me a bottle of theirs to try out I immediately said yes even though I already have quite a few different ones. When this Void Beauty nail lacquer arrived I was even happier with it, not just because the color looked fantastic but because it's five free like the Knocked Up Nails Fierce Fabulous Female Polish. That means that unlike a lot of other nail polishes it's formula is specifically made so it doesn't include 5 known to be harmful chemicals. 

I know you shouldn't "judge a book by it's cover", but I love the Void Beauty nail polish bottle. It has a square glass bottle where you can clearly see the big V Void Beauty Logo as well as their name The top has a matte black twist off lid and a nice brush and the bottom has the nail color, sea foam on a large white sticker. 

Verdict: I love the color of this nail polish, although a friend of mine says that it's a pure green I can easily see the hints of turquoise in it, and think in some lighting it looks pretty blue. The nail swatches above are after two coats, and two days of wear, without putting on a top coat or a base coat. As you can see it does have some chips so it isn't going to be a long lasting polish but it is a lot of fun to wear. 


  1. Great color!

    Dakota D.

  2. Love that color on you!

    XO, Jessi


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