Review: Multi-function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter

As you probably know from my countless stories about it I have a bit of driving anxiety. I mean I always make it where I'm going and I'm not an unsafe driver so you'd think it wouldn't be too bad. But one of the things I'm always worried about is if my car is going to have trouble. I drive a fairly nice car but you never know! So when the people over at offered to send me their Multi-function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter I was super interested.  

After this jump started arrived I realized it was perfect! First of all if your car needs jumped you don't have to disconnect your battery. With spark proof technology it's ultra safe and dare I say fool proof. Not only does it jumpstart any gasoline powered vehicle, but it also is a bit of a safety survival tool. 

It has a built in LED that can be a flashlight or function for SOS destress signals. Plus it has the ability to change your devices so there aren't any worries if you have an almost dead phone. This Multi-function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

Or on their site.

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