Outfit: Denim on Bridge Scaffolding

I'm on spring break! And I'm not going anywhere. I had wanted to go to the beach but had to cancel my plans, because I'm overwhelmed with school. I have at least three lab write-ups to do, an awful test to study for and plenty of homework. I did however have some fun visiting my grandparents and taking a few outfit photos in the creek. 

I had been walking around with galoshes but since it was warm out and the water felt nice I decided to take my shoes off and test the water. I started out trying to cross at a shallow point that was full of rocks and need up at the scaffolding for the new bridge my grandparents are putting in (which is the picture below). Like a lot of my looks lately this is one of those natural hair and face days. 

Denim Shirt - This denim shirt might be my new favorite clothing item. I love it open as a jacket like this outfit and buttoned up as a normal shirt. It's versatile, comfortable and works with so many outfits. I'm having a hard time keeping from wearing it more than once a week.  This one that Shein was nice enough to send me is super quality made too. 

Tank - Underneath I went with a black tank, with a shelf bra (yes I'm still wearing a real bra I just prefer how the ones with a built in bra fit). The color matches the skirt band and looks slimming. 

Skirt - And then there's this pink skirt. I love BCBG, even if they are a little expensive. This particular skirt you might remember me pairing with a black crop top and large sunglasses. It's thick enough  you don't have to worry about what you're wearing under it and the length is flattering. 



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