Outfit: Curly Black Hair + Gold Dress

Normally I like to share outfits that I wear to school, but today I thought I'd have a little more fun. While this wouldn't be an inappropriate look for school it's a little more wild than I like to do for class wear. It is however perfect for going out, especially if you want to try a look that's a little different. I didn't do any makeup with this look but I think colored eyeliner and a bright blush would be fun. 

Oh and if you're wondering it was actually pretty windy when I was taking these photos. So that's why a few of them look a little weird. 

Wig - As I'm sure you already guessed this isn't my actual hair. I did have a similar platinum look thanks to Wella so when I saw this wig available at SammyDress I knew I wanted it. Because while I can achieve it myself it takes so much longer than putting on this wig, and the wig is actually cuter!

Dress - While this dress isn't quite animal print, it sort of has that eccentric vibe to it. I love that it's fitted so it looks like I have curves and the longer length balances out the the less covered top areas. 

Shoes - I've had these shoes around for a long time, and always put them on whenever I'm looking to give an outfit a little edge. I love the high heel and the lace up front. 




1 comment:

  1. This is a fun outfit! You look great in it! Your wig gives you a sort of Tina turner rocker chick vibe, but I love it! Enjoy your weekend!


    Hugs and love,


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