65MCMLXV for Men and Women

I'm the type of person that loves Christmas because I love to give Christmas presents. But that isn't only limited to Christmas. I'm your girl for everything from birthday to easter presents, and I always try and get exactly what you never knew you wanted, but now can't live without. It's a skill I've been working for the past five or six years. Originally during one of these gift searches I found 65MCMLXV.

I had been looking everywhere for a pair of trendy urban style sweatpants, that weren't cheap or too "gangster" for someone and wasn't having any luck until I found out about 65MCMLXV. They're men's selection is fantastic, and to tell the truth that's all I thought they offered! Until I kept looking and saw that they have that same urban chic look for women too. I'm especially loving their graphic print tops. 

But anyways, back to those sweatpants. I ordered them in olive green and black and both looked fantastic. They were thick, quality made, and were exactly the style I knew the gift recipient would love, and not a bad price either. 

If you're looking for that urban look either for yourself or someone else I totally recommend checking out 65MCMLXV.com . If you sign up for their mailing list you can even save 15%!

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