Get Ready With Me (with the help of soft water!)

If you're like me you want to stay in bed until about noon, maybe work a little bit on your Minecraft builds while you're hanging out, before you watch Netflix the rest of the day. Unfortunately that isn't possible most days where I'm actually out of the house by 8:30. I don't think I'm the only one either so I decided to put together a little "Get Ready With Me" blog post and share with you the benefits of having a water softening system, especially when you're getting ready in the morning. 

As soon as I get up I head to the shower, I'm not in the mood to pick out what I'm going to wear for the day and am deficiently not ready to answer any text or emails. As someone who's always had soft water in my home, I live in an area where the water is naturally very hard (you can check your area  HERE and even get a free test strip for your home) so for a long time I took it for granted. Then, in middle school I was taking a shower at my friends house after a sleepover and they had hard water. The difference is astounding. My hair didn't feel as clean (hard water is known to leave residue on your hair and skin), my skin wasn't soft and I felt like I was being pelted by the water. When I told my parents about it after I got home (poor me had no idea why they had such weird water) my parents explained to me, that without a water softening system, that's how our water would be. When they told me that I decided wherever I lived would have to have a water softener. 

After I'm done with my shower (I always take at least 15 minutes which is terrible for the water bill), I use a squeegee to quickly wipe down the glass doors on the shower. Because of the soft water I don't have to worry about mineral buildup on the tile or anywhere else. I can only imagine the extra time I'd have to spend cleaning everything. 
 From there I move back to my bedroom (and fight the urge just to climb back in bed) to pick out what I'm going to wear for the day. Since it's been pretty warm lately this morning I went with a loose tank top (that I've had for at least four years), and a pair of high waisted shorts. Some people might call them mom jeans, but I love them. Regardless of what you wear, your clothes will look brighter and feel softer if you use a water softening system, and who doesn't love cozy outfits?

Then downstairs to make a smoothie which has been my breakfast of choice lately. Having soft water even helps me here, because soft water is better for your appliances, and your dishes. While I'm enjoying my smoothie I do my hair and makeup. Both of which tend to be pretty minimal unless I have extra time or am really trying to impress someone. Once I'm all done I put my cup in the dishwasher put shoes on and head out the door. 

If you're wondering more about getting a water softening system for your home (and you should be!) I recommend first checking out the Morton Salt Website to get a free test strip and learn more about your water. Getting a waters softener installed is super easy inexpensive, and they can last 20 years (mine that you can see below is actually 15 years old). From there it gets even easier. We use a 40 lb bag a month, I just got these two from Kroger where the price was less than $7 each. Then you just open up the top of the water softener and pour the salt in. These Morton Salt bags are super easy to open and put in the water softer so it really is hassle free. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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