Food Photos: No Longer Vegan + Food at School

Every time I do one of these food photo posts I talk about how long it's been since I've done one. Well it actually hasn't been that long so I can't say that this time around. I did have a few food photos though so I figured I could share them. I'm also no longer a vegan, which you can probably notice from the food I've eaten. I'm still planning on sharing some vegan recipes like my Vegan Potato Soup but right now with how busy I am, and the amount of time I spend away from home, I just can't keep up on the no animal products things. 

The first two photos are from a waffle day we had at school. We decided after a particularly hard test to just buy some supplies and make pancakes. Things like blueberries and chocolate chips along with whipped cream on top, of the shake 'n mix. The third photo in the row is a subway sandwich I got when I had to spend all day at school since there isn't anything on campus that I wanted. 

Next is some Italian food that was apparently missing the tomato paste but still pretty good. Then a hamburger from burger king that I had to take a photo of to send to my friend. They're catholic and along with a few other people we were sending them pictures of all our food during Lent, which probably isn't nice but it was fun. Then gingerbread cookies I made as an "I'm sorry" and "Thank you" wrapped into one. 

Taco Bell on the way to class, that was a gift to me for picking my friend up since her car had problems with it's turbo. Then food I ate at my grandparents. The cookie looks good but it was only okay. 

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