Caturday: Another Animal Shelter Visit

Even though it's #caturday I almost didn't do this blog post. I mean I have a ton of pictures of cats on my phone (I'm aware that this is probably a sign that I'm going to be a crazy cat lady when I'm old) and really wanted to share pictures from my latest animal shelter visit. The thing is though that I've done more than a few blog posts on going to the animal shelter, and not just the one about getting my used cat Cricket. There's a post where I claimed to be just showing off the pet beds, another with shelter kittens and a visit to the Columbus Animal Shelter. I figure you guys are all getting tired of it, but for those of you that aren't here's some more animal shelter pet pictures. 
First up was this large male Sherbet. He's in a large "two story" cage at the front of the office when you walk in. He's super laid back and relaxed, which was probably what I actually needed instead o the wild cat I have. 
Then there's this girl, who's name I can't remember, who was in the back. I believe there was also one other cat but I didn't take a photo of him. Every time I walk into the cat room I feel like I've gone into a little heaven because all the cats are so friendly. They're purring, meowing and sticking their paws out of the cage for attention. 
Of course when I visit the animal shelter, I can't just go see the cats so I also walked back to the dog section. On the way someone had this baby goat in their office, which was adorable. Getting to the dog area the first cage had a beagle mix puppy who was so cute. I actually hoped to bring her home since my father loves beagles but no such luck yet. Then a pit bull who was so sweet. And last but not least an Akita who was at the shelter the last time I was there. She's older, but I love how sharp she looks. Last time she was so depressed about her owner leaving her she just laid there the whole time and while she still looks sad she did stand up to greet us. 

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  1. I think adoption is so important. Both my cats were strays and I just aDore them. :)


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