What to Wear Biking / Cycling

It's #fitnessfriday so I wanted to put together a cute motivational outfit to share with you guys! It's all about something that I used to love doing as a child, riding my bicycle. I've also previously done a 10 Favorite Products for Biking in case you want to check that out. I wasn't sure if it was better to call it a biking outfit or a cycling outfit, so I put both since I think it might depend on where you live. Because  Dancing for Exercise Outfit Guide was so popular I thought I'd make this an outfit guide for riding your bicycle as a way to work out. I put together this outfit specifically for it to be cute for an active date, or cycling with friends. 

  • Bralette - I've been seeing so much about Calvin Klein between celebrities and Instagram models that I almost didn't add this Bralette to the biking outfit; However it's probably one of my favorite low impact bras that I've seen so I went ahead and added it. 
  • Cropped Pants - Yoga pants and leggings are one of my constants in workout and fitness wear. This black pair is slimming, and the skinny leg along with the cropped fit is perfect for biking. I mean you don't want to risk getting caught on your bicycle. 
  • Jacket - For this look I wanted to do a little more than the average hoodie. I love the high collar on this one which is perfecto for cool days. The best part of course is the color which is perfect for safely bike riding. 
  • Shoes - Last but not least are the shoes. While they aren't as important as in say a running outfit  you can't just wear anything. I like this pair because while they are light weight they're still sturdy and the color is so cute!

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