Review: SammyDress Contouring Palette


I don't always wear makeup but when I do, I don't want it to look like I am... Well that was my attempt at making a joke. You know like that beer commercial with the most "interesting man in the world" and all the memes that followed it. Sorry. ANYWAYS in addition to sharing with you guys how bad I am at jokes I also wanted to share this cool new palette I was given by the wonderful people at SammyDress. 

I'd been seeing contouring palettes all over the internet for the past few years, especially on Instagram which I noted in my Instagram Off Duty Model Look, and when I saw this one at SammyDress I knew I had to try it out. It's cheap and has a large color selection, both of which aren't exactly the norm for contouring palettes. It comes in a blank hard plastic case (reminds me of a MAC palette) and 15 colors inside.

These colors are a little creamier than I expected, which is actually a good thing because wear time is a whole lot longer. The green is for blemishes, the pink for under eye circles, the white for highlighting and the rest for your contouring. The colors are great for a variety of skin tones and makeup techniques. While this SammyDress Contouring Palette isn't top of the line, it's great for travel makeup and beginners. 

Here are some photos of me using it!


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