Outfit: Modest Black Dress

As you can see these photos were taken before all the snow we just received, and before it was cold enough to wear a jacket, however I am wearing this dress to school tomorrow so I figured I might as well share the photos now. While I am wearing it to class, I also think it's a great for a variety of purposes and as my friend who took the photos thought, perfect for church. While this black dress is modest it isn't boring and is actually pretty chic if I do say so myself. 

Also about the photos. In the third one I'm totally trying to do a titanic pose, because Leo and the Oscars. The last photo, or collage rather are photos that my friend took that didn't turn out so well thanks to the shadows. 

Dress - Long black dresses can go one of two ways like my cutout black dress for curves, that while long and fully covered is still very attention grabbing or more like this black dress that's cute and doesn't put off any vibes.  I love the 1/2 sleeves, rounded neckline and the high waist all of which keep the dress from being boring. 

Bracelet - Since this look had the whole silver vibe going on I decided to add in a bracelet of mine that's got that going for it. 

Belt - While I couldn't find the exact belt I'm wearing anywhere I did find a coin belt that's very similar. To accentuate my waist and keep the dress from looking frumpy. Because even with modest dress you still want to look nice. 

Shoes - Last but not least the shoes. I love this silver pair, which of course goes with the outfit. They also have a pointed toe and slight heel that finish off the look nicely. 




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