New Pillows + A Shoe Organizer for my Bedroom


Since I just did a Fall / Winter Bedroom tour so I'm not going to share a ton of photos (since you've seen it all before) but I wanted to share some new things that are in my room. First up are these very cool pillows. I've been looking for decorative pillows for my room and was so excited at the variety that SammyDress had to offer. They had tons of pillow cases available, and I actually had a hard time picking out these three. In the end I went with an elephant, an octopus and a dandelion.  
 Here's what the bed looks like with the three pillows on it! You can also see a few random stuffed animals along with the quilt that I'm still loving and some extra blankets that are just around for winter. Under my bed you can see a few things from the right are my dinosaur slippers, then my spiked heels (which you might have seen in my purple hair outfit ). Farthest to the left is my new shoe organizer. 

When it arrived I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I was expecting a hard plastic sort of organizer (my own fault for not reading the description) and was shocked when it was just a soft casing. Once I put my shoes in though I realized that it is perfect. Because it is soft, I can put high heels in one spot and flats in the next one. I'm putting my least use shoes in and with the plastic zippered cover, and then sliding it under the bed. This shoe organizer even has a handle on the end so I can pull it out when I need it. 

 And to finish a cute picture of Cyndaquil in his new habitat. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your new pillows. Fabulous. keep in touch


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