Life Photos: Grandparents + People / Things at School

The first two photos are in my opinion hilarious. I made my grandfather wear this wig my black curly hair and gold dress outfit and he actually agreed, and let me take photos. I guess if you're 83 years old it doesn't matter what people think. He's also currently my phone background with the first black and white photo. Then a picture of the television when I took my grandmother (on the other side) to her doctor's appointment. I didn't mind at all because it was actually HGTV and has a housewife in training of course I watched it. Then photos from our trip to Rural King where she bought a lilic bush and acid. We also stopped at the chickens and rabbits. Then a picture of a strap that was on my bra. I guess for hanging it but I don't know anyone who does that so I ripped it out. The chair is where I was sitting to escape class and took a picture to try and get my friend to come out with me. 

In the next row is a photo of my mother next to some wood pieces they have at her work. They're sort of a filler wood and in great shape so I want to use them but I'm not sure what for. Then a photo of my friend and I on a "date" in the courtyard at school that literally no one uses. Then a stalkerish photo of a pretty girl to show the people in my group chat. Then another "date" picture in the ivy tech building that's right by our school. A paper airplane I had in the lab portion of my heat and mass transfer class. "Hot *insert name*'s butt when he bent over. It looks like he's wearing a sweater vest and while there is a kid in the class who does where those, this guy wouldn't ever. He's a frat boy.  Then my minecraft home from my pocket edition minecraft app. Then a blurry photo. After that a photo I sent to my friend when they were texting me and said they had no battery. I was like "Oh, you can come use mine" because I'm that type of person. After that a photo of me behind my friend leaving school. I actually texted her to pull up and turn but she wouldn't do it so I had to wait like ten minutes at the light. Then another picture of the hot dude for my group chat followed by a cactus in bloom at my grandparents. Then another photo at school and more scrap wood I want to make a project with. 

In the last row is a photo of my friend driving my car. I had to drive and get her to take her to class because hers was broken down and I made her drive back because I didn't want to be criticized for my lack of driving skills. She then parked it really close to the door so when I came out at night (her boyfriend picked her up) I took forever to find my car since it wasn't in the regular spot. Next is a photo of an embroidered doll followed by another picture of that frat boy in the Ivy Tech gym. We're trying to work our way up to sneaking in there and using it. And last a picture of the building. 

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