Face Photos: All Blonde, and Some Leg

Woah, I feel like it has been forever since I've done photo dumps and since my phone was at like 300 photos I started this morning on that. I already shared some random photos mostly at school so I figured now I could share some of my selfies. These are all makeup free, and unedited so bare with me. I think for a lot of them I didn't even brush my hair so... 

The first one and a few later on are from school where I tried to dress like one of the boys in class, because our mean teacher likes him. So I figured if I looked like him then everyone would like me. Then one of those random at night photos and last on the row a picture of me with a flower and that brown long sweater I love so much. Then two photos of me with a side ponytail, I literally have no idea why my hand is on my heart in the second one, and a bathroom selfie before class. Then one of those how fat do I look selfies at night. 

The next row as two photos from the computer lab on a day I was wearing my denim shirt and then pictures where I was actually wearing a necklace for like the only time in my life. Then more from where I was trying to dress like that kid. After that there are four photos of me when the lighting was nice and the last photos are of my legs. My friend and I were sitting in the hall waiting to talk to one of our teachers but a student was in there for like 20 minutes so we got bored and sat on the ground and waited. 

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