Caturday: Look at the Animal Shelter Pet Beds!

So you might remember my post visiting the animal shelter, well I went again last week and of course had to take pictures of everyone that I saw. Even though that post isn't that old I when I went again just recently I figured I could share a few more photos with you guys. Just like last time I did go to drop off two different kinds of animal beds that I made as well as some that other sewing people made as well. Of course while I was there I had to go visit all the animals and take pictures of them with their beds to share with the other ladies you help out. 

While looking at the animals, and trying to fight the urge not to get another pet like my used cat cricket, I noticed that not only were there not a lot pets there (by that I mean plenty of empty cages) but that all of the ones I'd seen previously weren't there.  All the cats were very friendly (as they always are) and each one had their own bed! 

Then out to the dogs, which I hope you don't mind I included even though this is a #caturday blog post. There were two who were up for adoption who I have pictured. Two others were there, one of which was a 10 yr old Akita that were still working on being socialized, and I forgot to take their picture!

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  1. I love dogs. I wish I'm a billionaire so I can rescue all animals in the shelter.


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