Caturday: African Grey in a Bag, Reading, in a Cage

 While I know that my African Grey Elizabeth isn't actually a cat, she's always telling my used cat Cricket that she loves her so I figured I could share pictures of her for #caturday since she's a cat lover. Plus the Cat Food blog post she was featured in was popular I figured no one would mind!
These first photos are of Elizabeth playing in bag. This particular one came in the mail as an ad for Mendards, they say you get "x percent off of anything you can fit in it" Elizabeth however didn't care about this. As soon as she saw it she ran inside and spent a good hour playing around. 

 Then there's Elizabeth on the counter. I took these photos because it looks like she's reading the paper. 
 I took a picture of Elizabeth in the bottom of her cage. I'm not sure why but sometimes she likes to go to the bottom and start digging around, which I always find hilarious. 
And a few extra photos of my parrot that were on my phone. 

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