Book Review: Little Felted Dogs

Little Felted Dogs
Easy Projects for Making Adorable Puppies
By Saori Yamazaki 

Whether you adore dachshunds or dalmatians you'll be surprised at how easy it is to make charming miniatures of them with a felting needle and some raw wool. Great for beginners, the two dozen projects in Little Felted Dogs provide lifelike results. Even better you'll go from ball of fluff to perfect pooch in no time at all!

Saori Yamazaki is the author of several felting books in Japanese and English. She lives in Tokyo with her three dogs - Charmy, Beau, and Mametaro. 

One of the many hobbies my mother picked up for a short time was spinning. So we have a ton of wool at our house in all different colors and some felting things (maybe that's part of the stuff you need for spinning?) so when I saw this book I immediately wanted to get it. Well that and because it has five adorable dog miniatures on the front of it. The books starts with essential tools and materials as well as a wool guide. Then a short bit on working with wool before going on to how to construct your basic dog which will be your pattern for making the other breeds. There's a shetland sheepdog, a Bulldog, Golden Retriever puppies, and so many other cute dogs. The directions are simple and easy to follow, once you have the basic dog shapes down. If you like Happy Handmade Home you'll be very interested in Little Felted Dogs, which also makes a great gift for dog lovers and crafters alike. 

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