Book Review: Letters to my Daughters

Letters to My Daughters
By Barbara Rainey

Seeing Your Marriage as a Work of Art

Through more than four decades of marriage, Barbara and Dennis have seen it all- triumphs, tragedies and enduring love and joy. As Barbara's daughters began their own married lives, she wanted to share with them lessons she'd learned through her own marriage as well as those gleaned from years of ministry to couples. In these thoughtful letters she answers tough questions compiled from a multitude of young wives, addressing the realities of marriage with honesty and warmth. 

Marriage is a complex work of art and the callings of husband and wife are important individually but must work in harmony to create a beautiful whole greater than the sum of its parts. Throughout this lovely, gift-worthy book, Babara uses the arts - painting, dancing, gardening, etc. - to reveal this truth in a wise insightful, and visually captivating way. May Letters to My Daughters inspire you to embrace the masterpiece of marriage God wants for you. 

Barbara Rainey and her husband, Dennis, are founders of FamilyLife and have spoken at Weekend to Remember conferences around the world. Together they have written more than two dozen books, including the bestselling Moments Together for Couples. The Raineys have been married for more than forty years and have six children and twenty-one grandchildren. They live near Little Rock, Arkansas. 

My Thoughts: I'm usually not all that found of books that offer relationship advice. I did decided to give Letters to My Daughter a chance though because it's championed as being written for her daughters, and she's had a long successful marriage. I'm glad I did too. Letters to My Daughters is written with personal stories that make you feel connected to Barbara Rainey The advice throughout is uplifting and well worth a read. If you like Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage or Peaceful Wife then you'll love this book. 

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