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Valentines Day is done and February is almost over so I'm starting to think about gardening. I know that might sound early (probably because it is!) so maybe it's a bit of wishful thinking but we've had warm enough weather for shorts so I figured why not. Anyways I decided to put together a little wish list for gardening things that I'd love to have to make my yard and vegetable garden even better this year.  All of the items are available at Banggood, but they don't just have gardening supplies. I actually previously did a wish list about their clothes and technology.
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Solar Light - One of the best ways to deter would be criminals from breaking into your house is to have it well lit. This sounds fantastic, but you can't just put electrical wires all over your house, even if it's to put up security lights. So of course I'm excited about these solar power security lights because they can go anywhere and won't use any electricity. 

Decorative lights - Maybe I'm not a real grown up because I like having fairy lights everywhere but I don't even care. These lights look like dandelion seeds and just like the security lights are solar powered. 

Concrete Mold - I love refined stone walk ways, and while you can find the perfect stones to fit that isn't normally how it's done. This concrete mold is perfect for making the walkway how you want. 

Bamboo - As a sound and sight barrier I'd love to add bamboo to the edges of my yard. Since it's fast growing these seeds would be up in no time. 

Sprinklers - This summer we had a few times when there wasn't much rain so a sprinkling system would be nice. 

Bug Repeller - This contraption looked too cool to pass up. If you're like me you hate all the bugs that are around during the day and especially at dusk. This is supposed to get them away from your plants by using waves. 

Spray Bottle - In addition to my outdoor garden, I also keep some citrus plants inside. I love this spray bottle, and wouldn't mind keeping it out, instead of put away where my current one it. 

Garden Hose - I currently have one expandable garden hose and I love it. It's light weight and so much easier than using a traditional one. I actually want two more. 

Bonsai Tree - This sort of art is completely my thing, and I'd love to start my own bonsai garden. This tree is gorgeous and starting it from seed would be so much fun. 

Gardening Tools - I kind of want these gardening tools for myself but I also think they'd be a great gift for either of my grandmothers. 

Mason Jar Lights - Just like those fairy lights I just want to put these outside. These mason jars would be perfect for hanging on the porch. 

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