All Black Weightlifting Outfit Inspiration

It's #fitnessfriday and since last week I did a BeFit product review, which had a little bit to do with diet but was mostly about building up your muscles and looking toned, I thought I could share a weightlifting outfit. While I don't do a lot of weight lifting (I'm more of an activity type of girl), do need to start toning, my arms mostly, so this outfit is a bit of motivation for me to get started. Since my All Black Yoga Outfit Inspiration was so popular I thought it'd be fun to do this weightlifting outfit in all black. It's sliming and doesn't show sweat which are for sure too pluses. And I tried to make it look cute.  

  • Sports Bra - I've been loving all the celebrity partnerships I've seen adidas doing (I'm think of the Rihanna one specifically) so when I saw this Adidas sports bra I was immediately interested. This black sports bra is perfect for lifting, because it's full coverage and the cross in the back gives more arm movement. 
  • Leggings - As you probably know I've got a thing for leggings and yoga pants. Not only are they comfortable but they're also flattering. This pair is perfect because they're skinny leg, so they won't get in your way, and are high waisted making them great for wearing with just a sports bra. 
  • Sunglasses - If you want to look like a celebrity as you leave the gym sunglasses are a must. I love this dark plastic pair because they're super versatile. 
  • Backpack - While for everyday use I'm normally one to go with a small purse, for the gym you need a bigger bag. I love this plain leather look (it's actually pleather!) that will hold everything you need. 
  • Shoes - Normally I'm all about tennis shoes that offer a ton of support and good wear but for the gym you don't need it so much. So instead I went with a stylish low profile all black pair of sneakers. 


  1. Looks like a great workout outfit!

  2. Love this ensemble! Great style girlie.

    XO, Jessi


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